Regions Bank locations

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Routing Number: 111900785
P.O. BOX 681
BIRMINGHAM, AL 35201-0000

Main Office Motor Branch

225-A Highway 58
Decatur, TN 37322

Decatur Branch

116 North Main Street
Decatur, TN 37322

Dickson Branch

116 Mathis Drive
Dickson, TN 37055


705 Donelson Parkway
Dover, TN 37058

Dyersburg Bypass Branch

580 Highway 51 Bypass
Dyersburg, TN 38024

Eagleville Branch

259 North Main Street
Eagleville, TN 37060

Elizabethton Branch

301 Broad Street
Elizabethton, TN 37643

Main And Spring Streets Branch

4774 E Main Street
Erin, TN 37061

Lincoln County Bank Branch

302 East College Street
Fayetteville, TN 37334

Pea Ridge Branch

2754 Huntsville Highway
Fayetteville, TN 37334

Cool Springs East Branch

6070 Carothers Parkway
Franklin, TN 37067

Franklin Branch

1206 Murfreesboro Road
Franklin, TN 37064

Parkway Commons Branch

3080 Columbia Avenue
Franklin, TN 37064

Harpeth Village Branch

1110 Hillsboro Road
Franklin, TN 37064

Franklin Branch

121 First Avenue South
Franklin, TN 37065

Cool Springs West

500 Cool Springs Boulevard
Franklin, TN 37067

Village Green Branch

110 N Belvedere Drive
Gallatin, TN 37066

Gallatin Main

285 East Main Street
Gallatin, TN 37066

Georgetown Branch

8405 State Highway 60
Georgetown, TN 37336

Germantown Branch

7550 West Farmington Boulevard
Germantown, TN 38138

Germantown Branch

7744 Poplar Avenue
Germantown, TN 38138

Two Mile Pkwy Branch

900 Two-Mile Parkway
Goodlettsville, TN 37072

112 New Long Hollow Pike Branch

112 Long Hollow Pike
Goodlettsville, TN 37072

Greenback Branch

6705 Morganton Road
Greenback, TN 37742

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