Fulton Bank locations

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Routing Number: 031302780

Montgomeryville Branch

710 Upper State Road
North Wales, PA 19454

Oxford Branch

18 South Third Street
Oxford, PA 19363

Palmyra Shopping Center Branch

901 East Main Street
Palmyra, PA 17078

Palmyra Branch

1 West Main Street
Palmyra, PA 17078

Parkesburg Shopping Center Branch

100 First Avenue
Parkesburg, PA 19365

Pine Grove Branch

55 South Tulpehocken Street
Pine Grove, PA 17963

Pottstown Branch

799 State Street
Pottstown, PA 19464

Quarryville Branch

200 Townsedge Drive
Quarryville, PA 17566

Reading Branch

210 North Fifth Street
Reading, PA 19601

Muhlenberg Branch

3045-16 N Fifth St Hwy
Reading, PA 19605

Cape Horn Branch

3191 Cape Horn Road
Red Lion, PA 17356

Reinholds Branch

335 West Route 897
Reinholds, PA 17569

Strasburg Office

366 Hartman Bridge Rd
Ronks, PA 17572

Schaefferstown Branch

107 West Main Street
Schaefferstown, PA 17088

Shillington Branch

2257 Lancaster Pike
Shillington, PA 19607

Shrewsbury Branch

1102 Shrewsbury Commons Ave
Shrewsbury, PA 17361

Southampton Branch

736 Street Road
Southampton, PA 18966

Spring Towne Branch

2677a Shillington Road
Spring Township, PA 19608

State College Business Financial Ser

1952 Waddle Road, Suite 106
State College, PA 16803

North Atherton Branch

2017 North Atherton Street
State College, PA 16803

Warminster Branch

603 York Road
Warminster, PA 18974

West Goshen Branch

1201 West Chester Pike
West Chester, PA 19382

West Chester Downtown Branch

116 West Market Street
West Chester, PA 19382

Jennersville Branch

861 West Baltimore Pike
West Grove, PA 19390

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