First Niagara Bank locations

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Routing Number: 031302803
PO BOX 886
LOCKPORT, NY 14095-0886

Branford East Branch

367 East Main Street
Branford, CT 6405

Branford Green Branch

1026 Main Street
Branford, CT 6405

Centerbrook Branch

63 Main Street
Centerbrook, CT 6409

Cheshire Branch

1157 Highland Avenue
Cheshire, CT 6410

Southwick Branch

50 Southwick Court
Cheshire, CT 6410

Chester Branch

9 Water Street
Chester, CT 6412

Clinton Shoreline Branch

250 East Main Street
Clinton, CT 6413

Columbia Branch

164 Middletown Road
Columbia, CT 6237

Cos Cob Branch

211 East Putnam Avenue
Cos Cob, CT 6807

Coventry Branch

3534 Main Street
Coventry, CT 6238

Coventry Village Branch

1372 Main St
Coventry, CT 6238

Danielson Branch

203 Main St
Danielson, CT 6239

Dayville Branch

1078 North Main Street
Dayville, CT 6241

East Hartford Branch

1065 Main Street
East Hartford, CT 6108

East Hartford Silver Lane Branch

950 Silver Lane
East Hartford, CT 6118

East Haven Branch

245 Main Street
East Haven, CT 6512

Frontage Road Branch

50 Frontage Road
East Haven, CT 6512

East Windsor Branch

122-A Prospect Hill Road (Route 5)
East Windsor, CT 6088

Eastford Branch

Route 198 & County Road
Eastford, CT 6242

Ellington Branch

175 West Road
Ellington, CT 6029

Enfield Branch

73 Hazard Avenue, Route 190
Enfield, CT 6082

Essex Meadows Branch

30 Bokum Road
Essex, CT 6426

Glastonbury Main Branch

2510 Main Street
Glastonbury, CT 6033

Guilford Branch

1021 Boston Post Road
Guilford, CT 6437

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