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Routing Number: 111908091
MCKINNEY, TX 75070-0000

Anna Branch

101 S. Powell Parkway
Anna, TX 75409

Austin Branch

3500 Jefferson Street, Suite 305
Austin, TX 78731

Celina Branch

290 S. Preston Road
Celina, TX 75009

Collinsville Branch

715 Highway 377 North
Collinsville, TX 76233

Coppell Branch

654 N. Denton Tap Road
Coppell, TX 75019

Coupland Branch

102 Hoxie
Coupland, TX 78615

Denison Branch

331 West Main Street
Denison, TX 75021

Denton Office Branch

3101 Wind River Lane
Denton, TX 76210

Elm Mott Branch

Interstate Highway 35 And South Long Street
Elm Mott, TX 76640

Farmersville Branch

223 Mckinney
Farmersville, TX 75442

Detached Motor Branch

102 South Johnson Street
Farmersville, TX 75442

Georgetown Branch

1503 Rivery Blvd.
Georgetown, TX 78628

Howe Branch

100 South Denny Street
Howe, TX 75459

Lavon Branch

1009 N. State Hwy. 78
Lavon, TX 75166

Little Elm Branch

229 Eldorado Parkway
Little Elm, TX 75068

Manor Branch

11250 Sthy 290 East
Manor, TX 78653

Independent Bank

3090 Craig Drive
Mckinney, TX 75070

Redbud Branch

1600 Redbud
Mckinney, TX 75069

West Mckinney Branch

6751 Virginia Parkway
Mckinney, TX 75071

Princeton Branch

1490 Princeton Oaks Drive
Princeton, TX 75407

Prosper Branch

900 N. Preston Rd.
Prosper, TX 75078

Independent Bank - Teravista Locatio

4420 Sunrise Road
Round Rock, TX 78664

Sherman Branch

300 E. Taylor
Sherman, TX 75091

Van Alstyne Branch

1270 W. Stephens
Van Alstyne, TX 75495

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