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Routing Number: 113010547
P.O. BOX 10566
BIRMINGHAM, AL 35296-0000

Dallas Branch

15851 Dallas Parkway, Suite 500
Dallas, TX 75248

West Illinois Branch

2307 West Illinois Avenue
Dallas, TX 75224

Northwest Highway Branch

2923 Northwest Highway
Dallas, TX 75220

Highland Springs Branch

8000 Frankford Road
Dallas, TX 75252

Preston Center Motorbank Branch

5840 West Northwest Highway
Dallas, TX 75225

Mockingbird Branch

6240 East Mockingbird Lane
Dallas, TX 75214

Cornerstone Branch

8080 North Central Expressway
Dallas, TX 75206

Stemmons Northwest Branch

2209 West Northwest Highway
Dallas, TX 75220

Del Rio North Branch

2228 Veteran's Boulevard
Del Rio, TX 78840

Del Rio Main Branch

525 South Main Street
Del Rio, TX 78840

Denton South Branch

729 Fort Worth Drive
Denton, TX 76201

Denton Main Branch

1444 West University Drive
Denton, TX 76201

De Soto Branch

225 N Hampton Road
Desoto, TX 75115

Dickinson Branch

3545 Gulf Fwy.
Dickinson, TX 77539

Duncanville Branch

1430 West Danieldale Road
Duncanville, TX 75137

Eagle Pass Downtown Branch

700 Quarry Street
Eagle Pass, TX 78852

Eagle Pass Walmart Branch

496 South Bibb
Eagle Pass, TX 78852

Eagle Pass Main Branch

2310 Main Street
Eagle Pass, TX 78852

Edinburg South Branch

145 Paseo Del Prado
Edinburg, TX 78539

Edinburg Main Branch

2314 W. University Dr.
Edinburg, TX 78539

Sunland Park Branch

690 Sunland Park Drive
El Paso, TX 79912

Valley Branch

7744 North Loop Road
El Paso, TX 79915

Zaragosa Branch

1610 Zaragosa Street
El Paso, TX 79936

El Paso Northeast Branch

9870 Gateway Boulevard North
El Paso, TX 79924

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