Austin Bank, Texas National Assn. locations

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Routing Number: 113103276
P O BOX 6950
LONGVIEW, TX 75608-0000

Big Sandy Branch

Highway 80
Big Sandy, TX 75755

Bullard Branch

210 North Houston
Bullard, TX 75757

Emory Branch

610 West Lennon Drive
Emory, TX 75440

Frankston Branch

169 S. Frankston Hwy
Frankston, TX 75763

Garrison Branch

593 N Ushy 59
Garrison, TX 75946

Gilmer Branch

1208 North Wood
Gilmer, TX 75644

Gladewater Branch

1625 E Broadway
Gladewater, TX 75647

Grand Saline Branch

139 North Main Street
Grand Saline, TX 75140

Austin Bank, Texas National Association

200 East Commerce Street
Jacksonville, TX 75766

South Jacksonville Branch

1700 South Jackson Street
Jacksonville, TX 75766

Kilgore Branch

1006 Stone Road
Kilgore, TX 75662

Longview East Loop Branch

308 East Loop 281
Longview, TX 75605

Longview Greggton Branch

3400 West Marshall Avenue
Longview, TX 75608

Longview Oak Forest Branch

911 Northwest Loop 281
Longview, TX 75604

Longview Bar K Branch

5199 Sthy 259
Longview, TX 75605

Longview Pinetree Branch

2609 Gilmer Road
Longview, TX 75604

Marshall Branch

1210 East Pinecrest
Marshall, TX 75671

Nacogdoches Branch

3120 North Street
Nacogdoches, TX 75965

Noonday Branch

16909 Sh 155 South
Noonday, TX 75762

Palestine Branch

2745 South Loop 256
Palestine, TX 75801

Rusk Branch

401 North Main Street
Rusk, TX 75785

Timpson Branch

Park Plaza Street
Timpson, TX 75975

Troup Branch

103 East Duval Street
Troup, TX 75789

Tyler Cumberland Park Branch

108 Market Square Blvd
Tyler, TX 75703

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