Prosperity Bank locations

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Routing Number: 113122655
SUGAR LAND, TX 77478-0000

Alice Branch

1200 East Main Street
Alice, TX 78332

Angleton Branch

116 South Velasco Street
Angleton, TX 77515

Aransas Pass Branch

1005 S. Commercial
Aransas Pass, TX 78336

Athens 2 Branch

101 N. Prairieville
Athens, TX 75751

Athens Branch

617 South Palestine Street
Athens, TX 75751


1610 North Loop
Austin, TX 78756

Parmer Lane Branch

1701 W. Parmer Lane Suite 100
Austin, TX 78748

Westlake Branch

3103 Bee Caves Road Suite 110
Austin, TX 78746

Research Blvd Branch

8770 Research Boulevard
Austin, TX 78758

Austin 183 Branch

12730 Research Blvd.
Austin, TX 78759

Bee Cave Branch

2829 Bee Cave
Austin, TX 78746

Congress Avenue Branch

1005 Congress Avenue, Suite 100
Austin, TX 78701

Mobile Branch

4409 Gaines Ranch Loop
Austin, TX 78735

Oakhill Banking Center

7001 W Highway 290 Eb
Austin, TX 78736


900 Congress Avenue
Austin, TX 78701

Congress Drive Thru

206 East 9th Street
Austin, TX 78701

Northland Drive Branch

3307 Northland Drive #307
Austin, TX 78731

Northland Drive Branch

3401 Northland Drive
Austin, TX 78731

Azle Branch

608 Boyd Road
Azle, TX 76020

Balch Springs Branch

3636 Shepherd Lane
Balch Springs, TX 75180

Bastrop Branch

499 Highway 71 West
Bastrop, TX 78602

Bay City North Branch

1600 Seventh Street
Bay City, TX 77414

Beaumont Branch

6150 Eastex Freeway
Beaumont, TX 77708

Beeville Branch

100 South Washington Street
Beeville, TX 78104

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