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Routing Number: 011302768
BRIDGEPORT, CT 06601-0000

Topsfield Branch

15 Main Street
Topsfield, MA 1983

Waltham Branch

775-781 Main Street
Waltham, MA 2452

Westborough Branch

8 Lyman Street
Westborough, MA 1581

Main Street Branch

275 Main Stret
Wilmington, MA 1887

Woburn Branch

400 West Cummings Park, Suite 1950
Woburn, MA 1801

Mower Street Branch

4 Mower Street
Worcester, MA 1602

Flagship Bank And Trust Company Bran

120 Front Street
Worcester, MA 1613

Shrewsbury Street

491 Shrewsbury Street
Worcester, MA 1613

Goldstar Boulevard Branch

75 Gold Star Boulevard
Worcester, MA 1606

Grafton Street Branch

967 Grafton Street
Worcester, MA 1604

Auburn Branch

223 Center Street
Auburn, ME 4210

Merrill Merchants Bank Branch

201 Main Street
Bangor, ME 4402

Bangor Branch

727 Broadway
Bangor, ME 4401

Union Street Branch

992 Union Street
Bangor, ME 4401

Crossroads Branch

920 Stillwater Avenue
Bangor, ME 4401

Biddeford Branch

One City Square
Biddeford, ME 4005

Brewer Branch

366 Wilson Street
Brewer, ME 4412

Brunswick Branch

112 Maine Street
Brunswick, ME 4011

Falmouth Branch

188 U.S. Route 1
Falmouth, ME 4105

Kennebunk Main Branch

100 Main St.
Kennebunk, ME 4043

Arundel Branch

3 Elm Street
Kennebunkport, ME 4046

Kittery Branch

17 Walker Street
Kittery, ME 3904

Milford Branch

2 Main Street
Milford, ME 4461

Newport Branch

Junctions Routes 2 And 7
Newport, ME 4953

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