Nevada State Bank locations

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Routing Number: 124201769
2200 SOUTH 3270 WEST

Tropicana - Nellis Branch

4970 East Tropicana Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89121

West Sahara Branch

3480 West Sahara Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89102

Rainbow Branch

1921 N. Rainbow Boulevard
Las Vegas, NV 89108

Lake Mead - Nellis Branch

2017 N. Nellis Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89115

Nevada State Bank

750 East Warm Springs Road
Las Vegas, NV 89119

Harbor Island Branch

8400 West Lake Mead Boulevard
Las Vegas, NV 89128

The Lakes Branch

8260 West Sahara
Las Vegas, NV 89117

Rhodes Ranch Branch

7030 S. Durango Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89113

Bridger Branch

230 Las Vegas Boulevard
Las Vegas, NV 89101


5840 W. Craig Road, Suite 140
Las Vegas, NV 89130


325 North Nellis Blvd. Ste110
Las Vegas, NV 89110

Centennial Hills Branch

6505 N. Buffalo Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89131

Rainbow/Westcliff Branch

170 South Rainbow Boulevard
Las Vegas, NV 89128

Lovelock Branch

1150 Cornell Avenue
Lovelock, NV 89419

Falcon Ridge Branch

1130 West Pioneer Blvd
Mesquite, NV 89027

Minden Branch

1656 Highway 395
Minden, NV 89423

Aliante Branch

2860 W. Centennial
North Las Vegas, NV 89084

Craig - Clayton Branch

2014 West Craig Road
North Las Vegas, NV 89032

Pahrump Station Branch

1301 South Highway 160
Pahrump, NV 89048

West Liberty Branch

1 West Liberty Street
Reno, NV 89501

Meadowood Branch

5050 Meadowood Mall Circle
Reno, NV 89502

Damonte Branch

190 Damonte Ranch Parkway
Reno, NV 89521

Moana Branch

1001 West Moana Lane
Reno, NV 89509

Sparks - Prater Way Branch

500 East Prater Way
Sparks, NV 89431

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