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Routing Number: 125104425
PO BOX 233
LYNDEN, WA 98264-0233

Anacortes Office

911-11th Street
Anacortes, WA 98221

Barkley Financial Center Branch

3100 Woburn Street
Bellingham, WA 98226

Downtown Bellingham Office

1333 Cornwall Avenue
Bellingham, WA 98225

Cordata Office

4183 Meridian Street
Bellingham, WA 98226

Fairhaven Office

1401-12th Street
Bellingham, WA 98225

Barkley Haggen Office

2900 Woburn Street
Bellingham, WA 98226

Burlington Office

757 Haggen Drive
Burlington, WA 98233

Coupeville Office

107 S. Main Street
Coupeville, WA 98239

East Wenatchee Office

510 Grant Road
East Wenatchee, WA 98802

Silver Firs Office

5802-A 134th Place Southeast
Everett, WA 98208

Everson Office

200 East Main Street
Everson, WA 98247

Ferndale Office

1895 Main Street
Ferndale, WA 98248

Carillon Point Office

2275 Carillon Point, Building 2000
Kirkland, WA 98033

Fairway Office

1700 Front Street
Lynden, WA 98264

West Lynden Office

8070 Guide Meridian, #101
Lynden, WA 98264

Peoples Bank

418 Grover Street
Lynden, WA 98264

Mill Creek Office

15506 Main Street, Suite 105
Mill Creek, WA 98012

Mount Vernon Office

1801 Riverside Drive
Mount Vernon, WA 98273

East Mount Vernon Office

2601 East Division Street
Mt. Vernon, WA 98273

Oak Harbor Office

275 Southeast Pioneer Way, Suite 1
Oak Harbor, WA 98277

Magnolia Office

3300 W. Mcgraw Street, Suite 102
Seattle, WA 98199

Ballard Office

5600 24th Avenue Nw
Seattle, WA 98107

King Courier Branch

3300 W. Mcgraw Street
Seattle, WA 98199

Silverdale Courier

10516 Silverdale Way, Unit 130
Silverdale, WA 98383

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