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Routing Number: 221172186
BRIDGEPORT, CT 06601-0000

Clinton Stop And Shop Branch

215 East Main Street
Clinton, CT 6413

Linwood Branch

99 Linwood Avenue
Colchester, CT 6415

Cos Cob Branch

119 East Putnam Avenue
Cos Cob, CT 6807

Cromwell Super Stop & Shop Branch

195 West Street
Cromwell, CT 6416

Mill Plain Stop And Shop Branch

44 Lake Avenue Ext.
Danbury, CT 6811

Nutmeg Square Stop And Shop Branch

72 Newtown Road
Danbury, CT 6810

Noroton Heights Branch

72 Edgarton Street
Darien, CT 6820

Darien Branch

25 Old Kings Highway North
Darien, CT 6820

Dayville Stop & Shop Branch

1094 Killingly Commons Drive
Dayville, CT 6241

East Hartford Stop And Shop Branch

940 Silver Lane
East Hartford, CT 6118

Trolley Square Stop & Shop

370 Hemingway Avenue
East Haven, CT 6512

Enfield Stop And Shop Branch

54 Hazard Avenue
Enfield, CT 6082

Enfield Mall Branch

25 Hazard Avenue
Enfield, CT 6082

Villa Avenue Stop & Shop Branch

766 Villa Avenue
Fairfield, CT 6825

Fairfield Stop And Shop Branch

1160 Kings Highway Cutoff
Fairfield, CT 6824

Fairfield Branch

1055 Post Road
Fairfield, CT 6824

Black Rock Turnpike Branch

1940 Black Rock Turnpike
Fairfield, CT 6825

Stratfield Branch

1237 Stratfield Road
Fairfield, CT 6825

Glastonbury Branch

3 Welles Street
Glastonbury, CT 6033

Oak Street Stop And Shop Branch

55 Oak Street
Glastonbury, CT 6033

Glastonbury Super Stop And Shop

215 Glastonbury Boulevard
Glastonbury, CT 6033

Granby Stop And Shop Branch

124 Salmon Brook Street
Granby, CT 6035

Riverside Branch

1155 East Putnam Avenue
Greenwich, CT 6830

Greenwich Branch

410 Greenwich Avenue
Greenwich, CT 6830

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