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Routing Number: 221371644
CANTON, NY 13617-0000

Madrid Branch

3748 County Route 14
Madrid, NY 13660

Malone - Elm Street Branch

10 Elm Street
Malone, NY 12953

Malone West Main St. Branch

320 West Main St
Malone, NY 12953

Massena Branch

121 Main Street
Massena, NY 13662

Milford Branch

101 East Main Street
Milford, NY 13807

Moravia Branch

105 Main Street
Moravia, NY 13118

Morris Branch

132 Main Street
Morris, NY 13808

Mount Morris Branch

46 Main Street
Mount Morris, NY 14510

Naples Branch

109 South Main Street
Naples, NY 14512

Newark Plaza Branch

Newark Plaza Shopping Center, 710 West Miller Street
Newark, NY 14513

Newcomb Branch

4995 State Route 28 North
Newcomb, NY 12852

Nichols Branch

41 East River Road
Nichols, NY 13812

North Collins Branch

10490 Main Street
North Collins, NY 14111

North Creek Branch

244 Main Street
North Creek, NY 12853

Norwich Branch

4837 State Highway 23
Norwich, NY 13815

Norwich City Branch

18 South Broad Street
Norwich, NY 13815

Norwood Branch

28 South Main Street
Norwood, NY 13668

Ogdensburg - Ford Street Branch

320 Ford Street
Ogdensburg, NY 13669

Ogdensburg - State Street Branch

825 State Street
Ogdensburg, NY 13669

Old Forge Branch

3102 State Route 28
Old Forge, NY 13420

Olean - North Union St Branch

201 North Union Street
Olean, NY 14760

Olean - Delaware Park Branch

500 Delaware Avenue
Olean, NY 14760

Allegany Branch

3140 West State Road
Olean, NY 14760

Portville - East State Road Branch

1471 East State Road
Olean, NY 14760

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