Huntington National Bank locations

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Routing Number: 041215016
COLUMBUS, OH 43219-0000

Columbus Bethel Rd Branch

1600 Bethel Road
Columbus, OH 43220

Eastmoor Financial Center Branch

3015 Main Street
Columbus, OH 43209

The Forum At Knightsbridge Branch

4590 Knightsbridge Blvd
Columbus, OH 43214

Short North Branch

662 North High Street
Columbus, OH 43215

Thurber Tower-Retirement Branch

645 Neil Avenue
Columbus, OH 43215

Wexner Heritage Village Branch

1151 College Avenue
Columbus, OH 43209

St. Therese Branch

5253 East Broad Street
Columbus, OH 43213

Osu Campus Branch

1582 N. High St.
Columbus, OH 43201

Mound And Central Branch

1436 West Mound Street
Columbus, OH 43223

Gender Road Banking Office Branch

3680 Gender Road
Columbus, OH 43232

North Arlington Branch

4661 Reed Road
Columbus, OH 43220

Polaris Branch

2055 Polaris Pkwy
Columbus, OH 43240

Operations Center Branch

2361 Morse Road
Columbus, OH 43229

Mccutcheon And Stelzer Branch

2900 Stelzer Rd
Columbus, OH 43219

Eastland Branch

2290 South Hamilton Road
Columbus, OH 43227

The Huntington National Bank

17 South High Street
Columbus, OH 43216

Easton Market Branch

3931 Morse Crossing
Columbus, OH 43219

Northwoods Banking Branch

7955 North High Street
Columbus, OH 43235 Branch
Columbus, OH 43216

Carpenter And Main Branch

937 East Main Street
Columbus, OH 43205

Hilliard Branch

1900 Hilliard- Rome Road
Columbus, OH 43228

University Branch

1928 North High Street
Columbus, OH 43201

Tri-Village Branch

1555 West Fifth Avenue
Columbus, OH 43212

Brice-Livingston Branch

6127 East Livingston Avenue
Columbus, OH 43227

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