Community Trust Bank, Na locations

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Routing Number: 242170578
PIKEVILLE, KY 41501-0000

Pike Wal-Mart Branch

254 Cassidy Blvd
Pikeville, KY 41501

Community Trust Bank, Inc.

346 North Mayo Trail
Pikeville, KY 41501

Pike Main Street Branch

137 Main St, Suite 4
Pikeville, KY 41501

Pike Weddington Plaza Branch

4205 North Mayo Trail
Pikeville, KY 41501

Pike Town Mt Rd Branch

105 Northgate Drive
Pikeville, KY 41501

Middlesboro Pineville Branch

U.S. Highway 25e
Pineville, KY 40977

Floyd County Branch

161 South Lake Drive
Prestonsburg, KY 41653

Richmond Eastern Bypass Branch

860 Eastern Bypass
Richmond, KY 40475

Richmond Branch

128 W Main Street
Richmond, KY 40475

Ashland Russell Branch

970 Diederich Blvd
Russell, KY 41169

Somerset North Branch

239 North Highway 27
Somerset, KY 42501

Somerset South Branch

3809 South Highway 27
Somerset, KY 42501

Tug Valley Branch

28160 Us Highway 119
South Williamson, KY 41503

Versailles Woodford Plaza Branch

480 Lexington Road
Versailles, KY 40383

Versailles Branch

101 North Main Street
Versailles, KY 40383

Pike Virgie Branch

1056 Highway 610 W
Virgie, KY 41572

Whitesburg Branch

155 Main Street
Whitesburg, KY 41858

Whitesburg West Branch

24 Parkway Plaza Loop
Whitesburg, KY 41858

Williamsburg Convenience Center Bran

895 Hwy 25w South
Williamsburg, KY 40769

Williamsburg Branch

201 North Third Street
Williamsburg, KY 40769

Winchester Plaza Branch

125 Winchester Reservoir Rd
Winchester, KY 40391

Winchester Main Street Branch

120 South Main Street
Winchester, KY 40391

Norris/Clinton Branch

2106 Andersonville Hwy.
Clinton, TN 37716

Jacksboro Branch

2603 Jacksboro Pike
Jacksboro, TN 37757

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