Bk Of North Ga Div Synovus Bk locations

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Routing Number: 261170290
COLUMBUS, GA 31901-0000

Trinity Branch

10820 Sr 54
Trinity, FL 34655

Valparaiso Branch

23 John Sims Parkway
Valparaiso, FL 32580

Venice Office Branch

101 Center Road
Venice, FL 34285

Cypress Creek Branch

2145 Cypress Ridge Boulevard, Suite 101
Wesley Chapel, FL 33543

Amelia Concourse Branch

463719 State Road 200
Yulee, FL 32097

Albany Branch

411 Pine Avenue
Albany, GA 31701

Five Points Branch

2102 East Oglethorpe Boulevard
Albany, GA 31705

Northwest Branch

2819 Old Dawson Road
Albany, GA 31707

Alpharetta Branch

8025 Westside Parkway
Alpharetta, GA 30009

Crabapple Bank Branch

12355 Arnold Mill Road
Alpharetta, GA 30004

Magnolia Manor Branch

2001 S. Lee Street
Americus, GA 31709

Sumter Bank And Trust Company Branch

201 East Lamar Street
Americus, GA 31709

Afb&T Bank Branch

150 West Hancock Avenue
Athens, GA 30601

Barnett Shoals Branch

1855 Barnett Shoals Road
Athens, GA 30605

Prince Avenue Branch

2365 Prince Avenue
Athens, GA 30606

Beechwood Branch

310 Alps Rd
Athens, GA 30606

Epps Bridge Road Branch

1850 Epps Bridge Parkway, Suite 301
Athens, GA 30606

Buckhead Bank Branch

334 East Paces Ferry Road
Atlanta, GA 30305

Buckhead Pcs Branch

3280 Peachtree Road, N.E., Turminus 100
Atlanta, GA 30305

Chamblee Dunwood Road Branch

5506 Chamblee Dunwoody Road
Atlanta, GA 30338

Galleria Bank Branch

2841 Akers Mill Road
Atlanta, GA 30339

Wheeler Road Branch

3706 Wheeler Rd
Augusta, GA 30909

Atlanta Highway Branch

4000 Atlanta Highway
Bogart, GA 30622

Boston Branch

124 West Jefferson Street
Boston, GA 31626

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