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Routing Number: 261289880
P O BOX 687
FITZGERALD, GA 31750-0000

Colony Bank Chehaw Branch

716 Philema Road
Albany, GA 31701

Colony Branch

2609 Ledo Road
Albany, GA 31707

East Ashburn Branch

416 East Washington Street
Ashburn, GA 31714

Colony Bank Ashburn Branch

515 East Washington Avenue
Ashburn, GA 31714

Colony Bank Southeast Branch

103 Alabama Street
Broxton, GA 31519

Gunn Road Branch

200 Gunn Road
Centerville, GA 31028

Main Street Branch

102 Main St E
Chester, GA 31012

Colony Bank Columbus Branch

1581 Bradley Park Drive
Columbus, GA 31904

Cordele Branch

1031 East 24th Avenue
Cordele, GA 31015

Douglas Office

675 West Ward Street
Douglas, GA 31533

South Perimeter Branch

1351 Southeast Bowens Mill Road
Douglas, GA 31533

Colony Bank Of Dodge County Branch

5510 Oak Street
Eastman, GA 31023

Colony Bank

302 South Main Street
Fitzgerald, GA 31750

Southside Branch

U.S. Highway 129 And Roanoke Drive
Fitzgerald, GA 31750

Colony Branch

137 Robert B Lee Drive
Leesburg, GA 31763

Moultrie Branch

621 East By-Pass N.E.
Moultrie, GA 31768

Pitts Branch

105 South Eighth Street
Pitts, GA 31072

Colony Bank Quitman, Fsb Branch

602 E Screven Street
Quitman, GA 31643

Colony Bank Wilcox Branch

209 First Avenue
Rochelle, GA 31079

Savannah Highway 17 Branch

5987 Ogeechee Road
Savannah, GA 31419

Savannah Branch

7011 Hodgson Memorial Drive
Savannah, GA 31406

Soperton Branch

310 Main Street, West
Soperton, GA 30457

Colony Bank Worth Branch

601 North Main Street
Sylvester, GA 31791

Thomaston Branch

206 North Church Street
Thomaston, GA 30286

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