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Routing Number: 263190757
LAFAYETTE, LA 70501-0000

Kinder Branch

916 Fifth Avenue
Kinder, LA 70648

Laplace Branch

113 Belle Terre Boulevard
La Place, LA 70068

Johnston Street Branch

2602 Johnston Street
Lafayette, LA 70503

Congress Street Branch

4010 West Congress Street
Lafayette, LA 70506

Settlers Trace Branch

332 Settlers Trace
Lafayette, LA 70508

Roselawn Branch

3701 Johnston
Lafayette, LA 70503

Moss Street Branch

2601 Moss Street
Lafayette, LA 70501

Camellia Tower Branch

2000 Kaliste Saloom Road
Lafayette, LA 70508

Broadmoor Branch

5301 Johnston
Lafayette, LA 70503

Pinhook Branch

2110 West Pinhook Road
Lafayette, LA 70508

Scott Branch

200 Westgate Road
Lafayette, LA 70506

Oil Center Branch

463 Heymann Boulevard
Lafayette, LA 70503


200 West Congress Street
Lafayette, LA 70501

Lake Charles Branch

4440 Nelson Road
Lake Charles, LA 70605

Moss Bluff North Branch

1838 Hwy 171
Lake Charles, LA 70611

Country Club Branch

2800 Country Club Road
Lake Charles, LA 70605

Lake Charles Branch

2901 Ryan Street
Lake Charles, LA 70601

Mcneese Branch

135 West Mcneese Street
Lake Charles, LA 70605

Albertson's Branch

2750 Country Club Road
Lake Charles, LA 70601

Oak Park Branch

2231 Oak Park Boulevard
Lake Charles, LA 70601

Highway 14 Branch

3001 Sthwy. 14
Lake Charles, LA 70601

Mandeville Branch

850 North Causeway Boulevard
Mandeville, LA 70448

North Causeway Branch

4565 Lasalle Street
Mandeville, LA 70471

Marrero Branch

1820 Barataria Boulevard
Marrero, LA 70072

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