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Routing Number: 043000122
PITTSBURGH, PA 15219-0000

Willoughby Hills Branch

28090 Chardon Rd
Willoughby Hills, OH 44092

Shoregate Branch

210 East 305th Street
Willowick, OH 44095

Wilmington-Main Branch

1373 Rombach Avenue
Wilmington, OH 45177

Wintersville Branch

600 Main Street
Wintersville, OH 43953

Chagrin-Brainard Branch

27359 Chagrin Boulevard
Woodmere, OH 44122

Beall Branch

1776 Beall Avenue
Wooster, OH 44691

Mortgage Center Branch

3431 Commerce Parkway
Wooster, OH 44691

Buehler-Milltown Branch

3540 Burbank Road
Wooster, OH 44691

The Wayne County National Bank Of Wo

112 West Liberty Street
Wooster, OH 44691

Milltown Drive-In Branch

3910 Burbank Road
Wooster, OH 44691

Worthington Branch

6900 North High Street
Worthington, OH 43085

Xenia Branch

98 Hospitality Drive
Xenia, OH 45385

Union Square Plaza Branch

2533 Belmont Ave
Youngstown, OH 44505

Westview Branch

4949 Mahoning Avenue
Youngstown, OH 44515

Newport Glen Branch

3939 Market Street
Youngstown, OH 44512

Meridian Road Branch

151 South Meridian Road
Youngstown, OH 44509

Federal Plaza Branch

20 Federal Plaza
Youngstown, OH 44503

Boardman Branch

401 Southern Park Mall
Youngstown, OH 44512

Churchill Branch

4499 Belmont Avenue
Youngstown, OH 44505

Zanesville-South Branch

1719 Maysville Avenue
Zanesville, OH 43701

Zanesville-Main Branch

11 North Fourth Street
Zanesville, OH 43701

Maple Avennue Branch

2920 North Maple Avenue
Zanesville, OH 43701

Abington Branch

1407 Old York Road
Abington, PA 19001

New Sheffield Branch

2676 Brodhead Road
Aliquippa, PA 15001

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