The Union Banking Co locations

The Union Banking Co Office and Branch locations Page 1


Routing Number: 044107778

Bowling Green Branch

1300 North Main Street
Bowling Green, OH 43402

The Union Bank Company

100 South High Street
Columbus Grove, OH 45830

Progressive Drive Limited Service

101 Progressive Drive
Columbus Grove, OH 45830

Delphos Branch

114 East Third Street
Delphos, OH 45833

Findlay Branch

1500 Bright Rd
Findlay, OH 45840

Gibsonburg Branch

230 West Main Street
Gibsonburg, OH 43431

Kalida Branch

110 East North Street
Kalida, OH 45853

Leipsic Branch

318 South Belmore Street
Leipsic, OH 45856

Lima-Shawne Road Branch

701 Shawne Road
Lima, OH 45805

Lima Branch

3211 Elida Road
Lima, OH 45805

Lima East Branch

1410 Bellefontaine Ave
Lima, OH 45804

Ottawa Branch

State Route 65 And Us Route 224
Ottawa, OH 45875

Otterbein-Portage Valley Branch

20311 Pemberville Road
Pemberville, OH 43450

Pemberville Branch

132 Front Street
Pemberville, OH 43450

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