The Fidelity Bank locations

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Routing Number: 053103585
FUQUAY-VARINA, NC 27526-2221

Rockingham Main Branch

202 East Washington Street
Rockingham, NC 28379

Roxboro Branch

105 West Gordon Street
Roxboro, NC 27573

Salisbury Main Branch

2085 Statesville Boulevard
Salisbury, NC 28147

Sanford Branch

1002 Horner Boulevard
Sanford, NC 27330

Shelby Branch

331 South Lafayette Street
Shelby, NC 28150

Siler City Branch

1426 East 11th Street
Siler City, NC 27344

Star Branch

217 South Main Street
Star, NC 27356

Stokesdale Branch

8110 U.S. Highway 158
Stokesdale, NC 27357

Stoneville Branch

103 South Henry Street
Stoneville, NC 27048

Thomasville Branch

1035 Randolph Street
Thomasville, NC 27360

Troy Branch

315 Albemarle Road
Troy, NC 27371

Market Of Wake Forest Branch

12201 Capital Boulevard
Wake Forest, NC 27587

Wake Forest Branch

231 South White Street
Wake Forest, NC 27587

Winston-Salem Branch

3306 Healy Drive
Winston Salem, NC 27103

Yanceyville Branch

202 Court Square
Yanceyville, NC 27379

Collinsville Branch

3300 Virginia Avenue
Collinsville, VA 24078

Martinsville Branch

231 East Church Street
Martinsville, VA 24112

Rocky Mount Branch

77 Powder Creek Lane
Rocky Mount, VA 24151

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