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Routing Number: 053104568
P O BOX 866
TROY, NC 27371-0866

Polkton Branch

U.S. Highway 74 And Old Highway 74
Polkton, NC 28135

Richfield Branch

135 Highway 49 North
Richfield, NC 28137

First Bank Robbins Branch

North Middleton And Elm Streets
Robbins, NC 27325

Rockingham Branch

Highway 74 East
Rockingham, NC 28379

Rose Hill Branch

501 S. Sycamore Street
Rose Hill, NC 28458

Salisbury Branch

1525 Jake Alexander Boulevard South
Salisbury, NC 28147

Salisbury - Main Branch

215 West Innes Street
Salisbury, NC 28144

Sanford South Horner Branch

2630 South Horner Blvd
Sanford, NC 27330

Sanford Branch

1333 Plaza Boulevard
Sanford, NC 27330

Tramway Branch

U.S. Highway 1 And Pendergrass Road
Sanford, NC 27330

Seagrove Branch

121 West Main Street
Seagrove, NC 27341

Shallotte Branch

347 Whiteville Road, Nw
Shallotte, NC 28470

First Bank Southern Pines Brch

205 Southeast Broad Street
Southern Pines, NC 28387

Belle Meade Branch

100 Waters Dr
Southern Pines, NC 28387

Pinecrest Plaza Branch

46 Pinecrest Plaza
Southern Pines, NC 28387

Southport Branch 21

5210 Southport-Supply
Southport, NC 28461

Anderson Creek Branch

3210 Ray Road
Spring Lake, NC 28390

St. Pauls Branch

301 West Broad Street
St. Pauls, NC 28384

Tabor City Branch 8

102 East Fifth Street
Tabor City, NC 28463

Liberty Square Branch

201 Kennedy Road
Thomasville, NC 27360

Thomasville Branch

22 Winston Street
Thomasville, NC 27360

Montgomery Square Branch

Highway 24/27
Troy, NC 27371

First Bank Operations Branch

Country Club Road And Leslie Street
Troy, NC 27371

First Bank

341 North Main Street
Troy, NC 27371

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