First Citizens Bank & Trust Co, Inc locations

First Citizens Bank & Trust Co, Inc Office and Branch locations Page 9


Routing Number: 053906041
COLUMBIA, SC 29201-0029

Westminster Branch

200 West Windsor Street
Westminster, SC 29693

Whitmire Branch

200 Main Street
Whitmire, SC 29178

Williamston Branch

113 East Main Street
Williamston, SC 29697

Williston Branch

12965 Main Street
Williston, SC 29853

Winnsboro Branch

111 South Congress Street
Winnsboro, SC 29180

Woodruff Branch

255 South Main Street
Woodruff, SC 29388

Congress Street Branch

12 North Congress Street
York, SC 29745

York Branch

911 East Liberty Street
York, SC 29745

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