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Routing Number: 021101425
P.O. BOX 1377
LEWISTON, MA 04240-1377

State Street Branch

42-44 State Street
Newburyport, MA 1950

Newton Center Branch

1197 Center Street
Newton Center, MA 2459

North Adams Branch

90 Main Street
North Adams, MA 1247

North Andover Branch

108 Main Street
North Andover, MA 1845

North Andover Branch

451 Andover Street
North Andover, MA 1845

North Attleborough Branch

2 North Washington Street
North Attleborough, MA 2760

Easton Branch

3 Roche Bros Way
North Easton, MA 2356

Northampton Branch

175 Main Street
Northampton, MA 1060

30 East Main Street Branch

30 East Main Street
Orange, MA 1364

Orleans-Main Street Branch

40 Main Street
Orleans, MA 2653

Osterville Branch

835 Main Street
Osterville, MA 2655

Peabody Branch

31 Cross Street
Peabody, MA 1960

Warren Five Cents Bank Branch

10 Main Street
Peabody, MA 1960

South Peabody Branch

79 Lynnfield Street
Peabody, MA 1960

West Peabody Branch

635 Lowell Street
Peabody, MA 1960

West Street Branch

99 West Street
Pittsfield, MA 1201

Coltsville Branch

660 Merril Road
Pittsfield, MA 1201

Pine Hills

2 Market Crossing
Plymouth, MA 2360

Pocasset Branch

2 Barlows Landing Road
Pocasset, MA 2559

Provincetown Night Depository Branch

307 Commercial Street At Lopes Square
Provincetown, MA 2657

Provincetown-Shank Painter Branch

103 Shank Painter Road
Provincetown, MA 2657

Reading Branch

470 Main Street
Reading, MA 1867

Revere Branch

411 Broadway
Revere, MA 2151

Rowley Branch

174 Newburyport Turnpike
Rowley, MA 1969

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