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Routing Number: 061113415
WILSON, NC 27893-0000

Fishermans Road Branch

1020 Fishermans Rd
Norfolk, VA 23503

Norfolk Meadowbrook Branch

901 West Little Creek Road
Norfolk, VA 23505

Norfolk Airport Branch

2200 Norview Avenue
Norfolk, VA 23518

Norview Branch

6145 Sewells Point Road
Norfolk, VA 23513

Cromwell Branch

2008 Cromwell Drive
Norfolk, VA 23509

Ghent Branch

2100 Colonial Avenue
Norfolk, VA 23517

Industrial Park Branch

3935 East Princess Anne Road
Norfolk, VA 23502

Norfolk Main Branch

500 East Main Street
Norfolk, VA 23510

Wards Corner Branch

245 East Little Creek Road
Norfolk, VA 23505

Ocean View Branch

131 West Ocean View Avenue
Norfolk, VA 23503

Military Circle Branch

929 Glenrock Road
Norfolk, VA 23502

Oakton Branch

2941 Chain Bridge Road
Oakton, VA 22124

Onley Main Branch

25386 Lankford Highway
Onley, VA 23418

Orange Branch

235 Madison Road
Orange, VA 22960

Palmyra Branch

13526 James Madison Highway
Palmyra, VA 22963

Pearisburg Branch

800 Wenonah Avenue
Pearisburg, VA 24134

Pembroke Branch

5862 Virginia Ave
Pembroke, VA 24136

South Crater Road Branch

3340 South Crater Road
Petersburg, VA 23805

Petersburg Branch

117 E Washington Street
Petersburg, VA 23803

Edgehill Branch

25901 Cox Road
Petersburg, VA 23803

Pocahontas Branch

101 W Water St
Pocahontas, VA 24635

Poquoson Branch

452 Wythe Creek Road
Poquoson, VA 23662

Portsmouth Boulevard Branch

5555 Portsmouth Boulevard
Portsmouth, VA 23701

Midtown Branch

3301 High Street
Portsmouth, VA 23707

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