Regions Bank locations

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Routing Number: 062000019
P.O. BOX 681
BIRMINGHAM, AL 35201-0000

Ball Ground Main Branch

2995 Canton Highway
Ball Ground, GA 30107

Athens-Clarke Atlanta Hwy Branch

1551 Jennings Mill Road
Bogart, GA 30622

Calhoun Main Branch

208 North Wall Street
Calhoun, GA 30701

Canton Branch

2653 Marietta Highway
Canton, GA 30114


1417 Riverston Parkway
Canton, GA 30114

Canton/West Main Branch

140 West Main Street
Canton, GA 30114

Carrollton Main Branch

777 South Park Street
Carrollton, GA 30117

Cartersville Branch

200 West Main Street
Cartersville, GA 30120

Cartersville Commons Branch

620 E. Main Street
Cartersville, GA 30121

Cedartown Main Branch

120 North Main Street
Cedartown, GA 30125

Chatsworth Branch

801 North Third Avenue
Chatsworth, GA 30705

Clarkesville Branch

1210 Washington Street
Clarkesville, GA 30523

Clayton Main Branch

178 East Savannah Street
Clayton, GA 30525

Quillians Corner Branch

5205 Cleveland Highway, Unit 10p
Clermont, GA 30527

Cleveland Branch

15 West Kytle Street
Cleveland, GA 30528

Georgia Company Branch

5650 Whitesville Road
Columbus, GA 31904

Columbus Main Branch

201 13th Street
Columbus, GA 31901

Whittlesey Branch

5555 Whittlesey Boulevard
Columbus, GA 31909

Veterans Parkway Branch

5385 Veterans Parkway
Columbus, GA 31904

Commerce Branch

2123 North Elm Street
Commerce, GA 30529

Conyers Main Branch

1172 Old Salem Road, S.E.
Conyers, GA 30094

Sixteenth Avenue Branch

1216 16th Avenue East
Cordele, GA 31015

Cornelia Main Branch

241 Larkin Street
Cornelia, GA 30531

Cumming Main Branch

515 Atlanta Road
Cumming, GA 30040

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