Lakeland Bank locations

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Routing Number: 021205376
OAK RIDGE, NJ 07436-0000

Andover Township Branch

615 Route 206 N
Andover, NJ 7821

North Warren Branch

1226 State Highway 94
Blairstown, NJ 7825

Bloomingdale Branch

28 Main Street
Bloomingdale, NJ 7403

Boonton Branch

321 W Main Street
Boonton, NJ 7005 Branch

/>Branchville, NJ 7826

Branchville Downtown

3 Broad Street
Branchville, NJ 7826

Branchville Branch

362 Route 206
Branchville, NJ 7826

Butler Branch

1410 Route 23 North
Butler, NJ 7405

Carey Avenue Branch

6 Carey Avenue
Butler, NJ 7405

Caldwell Branch

49-53 Bloomfield Avenue
Caldwell, NJ 7006

Carlstadt Branch

325 Garden Street
Carlstadt, NJ 7072

Englewood Branch

42 N. Dean Street
Englewood, NJ 7631

Franklin Branch

25 Route 23
Franklin, NJ 7416

Fredon Branch

395 Route 94 North
Fredon Township, NJ 7860

Hackensack Branch

235 Main Street
Hackensack, NJ 7601

Hardyston Branch

3617 Route 94
Hamburg, NJ 7419

Hewitt Branch

1943 Union Valley Road
Hewitt, NJ 7421

Lafayette Branch

37 Route 15
Lafayette Township, NJ 7848

Little Falls Branch

86-88 Main Street
Little Falls, NJ 7424

Montville Branch

166 Changebridge Road
Montville, NJ 7045

Morristown Office

65 Madison Avenue
Morristown, NJ 7960

Lakeland Bank

2717 Route 23 South
Newfoundland, NJ 7435

Hampton Branch

11 Hampton House Road
Newton, NJ 7860

Park Place Branch

30 Park Place
Newton, NJ 7860

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