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Routing Number: 065301197
BELZONI, MS 39038-0000

Echelon Branch

6410 Watkins Dr
Jackson, MS 39213

Fondren Branch

3100 North State Street, Suite 100
Jackson, MS 39216

Jsu Branch

912 Dalton Street
Jackson, MS 39203

Jackson-Terry Road Branch

2925 Terry Road
Jackson, MS 39215

Adkins Boulevard Branch

730 Adkins Boulevard
Jackson, MS 39211

Lexington Branch

100 Court Square
Lexington, MS 39095

Hwy 463 Branch

105 Webster Circle
Madison, MS 39110

Strawberry Hill Drive Branch

2020 Strawberry Hill Drive
Madison, MS 39110

Gluckstadt Branch

1243 Gluckstadt Road
Madison, MS 39110

2303 8th Street Branch

215 22nd Street
Meridian, MS 39301

Hwy. 19 N Branch

1930 Hwy. 19 N
Meridian, MS 39307

North Hills Street Branch

1911 North Hills Street
Meridian, MS 39305

Frontage Road Branch

129 S. Frontage Road
Newton, MS 39345

Olive Branch Main Branch

8990 Pigeon Roost Road
Olive Branch, MS 38654

Pearl Branch

406 Riverwind Drive
Pearl, MS 39208

Highway 43 South Branch

951 Highway 43 South
Picayune, MS 39466

Wal-Mart Supercenter Branch

235 Frontage Road
Picayune, MS 39466

Picayune Branch

115 Williams Street
Picayune, MS 39466

Pickens Branch

North 1st And Lexington Streets
Pickens, MS 39146

Poplarville Branch

105 S Main Street
Poplarville, MS 39470

South Archusa Avenue Branch

301 S Archusa Ave
Quitman, MS 39355

Bankplus Loan Production Office

1018 Highland Colony Parkway
Ridgeland, MS 39157

Jackson Street Branch

510 Highway 51
Ridgeland, MS 39157

Lake Harbour Branch

7040 Old Canton Road
Ridgeland, MS 39157

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