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Routing Number: 065403626
P.O. BOX 681
BIRMINGHAM, AL 35201-0000

Byram Branch

7384 Siwell Road
Byram, MS 39272

Calhoun Main Branch

211 North Main Street
Calhoun City, MS 38916

Canton Branch

147 East Peace Street
Canton, MS 39046

Centreville Main Branch

162 West Main Streets
Centreville, MS 39631

Charleston Branch

17 North Side Square
Charleston, MS 38921

205 East 2nd Street Branch

211 East 2nd Street
Clarksdale, MS 38614

Westside Branch

109 Anderson Boulevard
Clarksdale, MS 38614

Shopping City Branch

415 South Street
Cleveland, MS 38732

Cleveland Main Branch

129 South Sharpe Avenue
Cleveland, MS 38732

Clinton Branch

609 Highway 80 West
Clinton, MS 39056

Clinton Plaza Branch

204 Clinton Blvd
Clinton, MS 39056

Collins Branch

503 Main Street
Collins, MS 39428

Collinsville Branch

9217 State Highway 19 North
Collinsville, MS 39325

Columbia Branch

1000 Highway 13 North
Columbia, MS 39429

Columbus Main Branch

710 Main Street
Columbus, MS 39701

East Columbus Branch

108 Alabama Street
Columbus, MS 39702

45 North Branch

2114 Highway 45 North
Columbus, MS 39701

Shiloh Road Branch

2600 Kendrick Rd
Corinth, MS 38834

Corinth Main

512 Taylor Streett
Corinth, MS 38834

Hwy 51 Crystal Springs Rdt Branch

25073 Highway 51 North
Crystal Springs, MS 39059

Crystal Springs Branch

326 East Railroad Avenue
Crystal Springs, MS 39059

D'iberville Branch

10359 D'iberville Boulevard
Diberville, MS 39540

Drew Branch

140 Shaw Street
Drew, MS 38737

Duck Hill Branch

101 South State Street
Duck Hill, MS 38925

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