First Citizens Bank & Trust Company locations

First Citizens Bank & Trust Company Office and Branch locations Page 7


Routing Number: 067014440
RALEIGH, NC 27603-0000

North Branch

4557 Savannah Hwy
North, SC 29112

Georgia Avenue

518 Georgia Avenue
North Augusta, SC 29841

Knox Avenue Branch

1289 Knox Avenue
North Augusta, SC 29861

Rivers Avenue Branch

3356 Rivers Avenue
North Charleston, SC 29405

Trident Branch

9205 University Boulevard
North Charleston, SC 29406

Oak Ridge Plaza Branch

5090 Dorchester Road
North Charleston, SC 29418

Ashley Phosphate Branch

2170 Ashley Phosphate Road
North Charleston, SC 29406

Montague Branch

1070 East Montague Avenue
North Charleston, SC 29405

North Myrtle Beach Branch

601 Highway 17 South
North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582

Broughton Street Branch

791 Broughton Street
Orangeburg, SC 29115

St. Matthews Branch

1225 St. Matthews Road
Orangeburg, SC 29115

Columbia Road Branch

1820 Columbia Road, N.E.
Orangeburg, SC 29116

Pacolet Branch

6910 S Pine St
Pacolet, SC 29372

Pageland Branch

303 North Pearl Street
Pageland, SC 29728

Pawleys Island Branch

11022 Ocean Highway
Pawleys Island, SC 29585

Powdersville Branch

11063 Old Anderson Road
Piedmont, SC 29673

Prosperity Branch

147 Main Street
Prosperity, SC 29127

Lewisville Branch

3551 Lancaster Hwy
Richburg, SC 29729

Ridge Spring Branch

618 East Main Street
Ridge Spring, SC 29129

Ridgeway Branch

100 Palmer Street
Ridgeway, SC 29130

Ebenezer Branch

132 Herlong Avenue
Rock Hill, SC 29732

Rock Hill Branch

226 East Main Street
Rock Hill, SC 29730

St. George Branch

129 North Parler Avenue
Saint George, SC 29477

Saluda Branch

201 North Main Street
Saluda, SC 29138

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