Fifth Third Bank locations

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Routing Number: 072400052
CINCINNATI, OH 45263-0000

Cadillac Main Office Branch

123 South Mitchell Street
Cadillac, MI 49601

Caledonia Branch

9325 Cherry Valley Avenue
Caledonia, MI 49316

Canton Ford Road

43710 Ford Road
Canton, MI 48187

Canton Branch

43443 Joy Road, Coventry Common Shop
Canton, MI 48187

Cassopolis Branch

116 South Broadway
Cassopolis, MI 49031

Charlotte Banking Center

328 Lansing Street
Charlotte, MI 48813

Chesterfield Branch

47000 Gratiot Avenue
Chesterfield, MI 48051

Clarkston Branch

6500 South Dixie Highway
Clarkston, MI 48346

15 And Groesbeck Branch

19233 Fifteen Mile Road
Clinton Township, MI 48035

Hayes Branch

40980 Hayes Road
Clinton Township, MI 48035

Harper Branch

34564 Harper Road
Clinton Township, MI 48035

Hall Road Branch

18800 Hall Road
Clinton Township, MI 48038

Clinton Branch

37930 Gratiot Avenue
Clinton Township, MI 48036

Coloma Express Branch

6553 Paw Paw Avenue
Coloma, MI 49038

Westgate Branch

3980 Alpine Avenue, N.W.
Comstock Park, MI 49321

Eastside Branch

2350 East Main Street (M-21)
Corunna, MI 48817

Dearborn Banking Center Branch

1620 N. Telegraph Road
Dearborn, MI 48128

East Dearborn Branch

7041 Schafer Road
Dearborn, MI 48126

Detroit 8 Mile Livernois

3927 W. Eight Mile Livernois
Detroit, MI 48211

Detroit East Jefferson Banking Cente

3201 East Jefferson
Detroit, MI 48207

Wayne State University Branch

4501 Woodward Ave
Detroit, MI 48201

Detroit Eastside Banking Center Bran

14820 Gratiot
Detroit, MI 48205

Nw Detroit 7 Mile & Telgraph

19111 Telegraph Road
Detroit, MI 48219

De Witt Branch

13007 S Ushy 27
Dewitt, MI 48820

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