Huntington National Bank locations

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Routing Number: 072403583
COLUMBUS, OH 43219-0000

Glengate Branch

4773 Glendale Avenue
Toledo, OH 43614

Saxon Square Branch

3950 Mccord Road
Toledo, OH 43617

Swayne Field Branch

3050 Monroe Street
Toledo, OH 43606

Franklin Park Branch

4105 Talmadge Road
Toledo, OH 43623

Mccord - Central Branch

6655 West Central Avenue
Toledo, OH 43617

Westgate Branch

3316 Secor Road
Toledo, OH 43606

Toledo Madison Branch

800 Madison Avenue
Toledo, OH 43604

Toledo Corporate Branch

519 Madison Avenue
Toledo, OH 43604

Sunset House Retirement Branch

4020 Indian Rd
Toledo, OH 43606

Toronto Drive-Up

Fourth And Daniels Streets
Toronto, OH 43964

Toronto Branch

301 S Fourth Street
Toronto, OH 43964

Twinsburg Branch

8936 Darrow Road
Twinsburg, OH 44087

Greentown Park Branch

4086 Massillon Road
Uniontown, OH 44685

Upper Arlington Branch

3224 Northwest Blvd
Upper Arlington, OH 43221

Lane Avenue Branch

1531 West Lane Avenue
Upper Arlington, OH 43221

Upper Sandusky Branch

491 West Church Street
Upper Sandusky, OH 43351

Wadsworth Branch

129 High Street
Wadsworth, OH 44281

Main & Market

108 Main Avenue, S.W.
Warren, OH 44482

Parkman Road Branch

2595 Parkman Road N.W.
Warren, OH 44485

Champion Branch

4349 Mahoning Avenue, N.W.
Warren, OH 44483

Howland Branch

525 Niles Cortland Rd, Se
Warren, OH 44484

Elm-Genesee Branch

2107 Elm Road, N.E.
Warren, OH 44483

Washington Courthouse Drive-Thru Bra

214 N Main St
Washington Court House, OH 43160

Washington Court House City Branch

150 East Court Street
Washington Court House, OH 43160

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