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Routing Number: 072412972
BELDING, MI 48809-0000

South Ionia Branch

2551 South State Road
Ionia, MI 48846

Independent Bank

230 West Main Street
Ionia, MI 48846

Ionia Point Branch

450 South Dexter Street
Ionia, MI 48846

Kinde Branch

25 West Kinde Road
Kinde, MI 48445

Kingston Branch

5854 State Street
Kingston, MI 48741

Lake Orion Loan Production Office

400 South Broadway
Lake Orion, MI 48362

Lapeer Branch

1985 West Genesee Street
Lapeer, MI 48446

Leslie Office Branch

144 S. Main Street
Leslie, MI 49251

Livonia Branch

37601 Five Mile Road
Livonia, MI 48154

Lyons Branch

302 Bridge Street
Lyons, MI 48851

Marlette Branch

2593 South Van Dyke
Marlette, MI 48453

Mason Branch

190 Kipp Road
Mason, MI 48854

Midland Branch

210 South Saginaw
Midland, MI 48640

Mt Pleasant Branch

319 East Broadway
Mount Pleasant, MI 48858

Bovee Student Center Branch

103 East Preston 2nd Floor
Mount Pleasant, MI 48858

Muskegon Branch

3251 Henry Street
Muskegon, MI 49441

Croton Hardy Branch

7389 Croton Hardy Drive
Newaygo, MI 49337

Newaygo Branch

40 N State Street
Newaygo, MI 49337

North Branch

4046 Huron Street
North Branch, MI 48461

North Branch Drive Up

3765 Huron Street
North Branch, MI 48461

Norton Shores Branch

5969 Harvey Street, Suite 100
Norton Shores, MI 49441

Okemos Loan Production Branch

2390 Woodlake Drive, Suite 300
Okemos, MI 48864

Okemos Branch

2119 Hamilton Road
Okemos, MI 48864

Olivet Branch

112 South Main Street
Olivet, MI 49076

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