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Routing Number: 081517732
CHARLESTON, MO 63834-0099

Hilltop Branch

3313 East Johnson Avenue
Jonesboro, AR 72401

Jonesboro Southwest Drive Facility

406 Southwest Drive
Jonesboro, AR 72401

Jonesboro Branch

2525 Stadium Boulevard
Jonesboro, AR 72401

Marmaduke Facility

7281 Highway 34 East
Marmaduke, AR 72443

Paragould Kingshighway Facility

2379 W Kings Highway
Paragould, AR 72450

Paragould Highway 49 South Facility

2900 South Highway 49
Paragould, AR 72450

Caruthersville Drive-In Facility

4th And Walker
Caruthersville, MO 63830

Caruthersville Facility

323 Ward Avenue
Caruthersville, MO 63830

Focus Bank

101 South Main Street
Charleston, MO 63834

Online Banking Branch

101 South Main
Charleston, MO 63834

East Prairie Facility

Highway 105
East Prairie, MO 63845

Hornersville Facility

410 Main Street
Hornersville, MO 63855

Sikeston Facility

1150 South Main
Sikeston, MO 63801

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