Citizens Deposit Bk locations

Citizens Deposit Bk Office and Branch locations Page 1


Routing Number: 083907984
P O BOX 10
ARLINGTON, KY 42021-0278

Brooksville Branch

111 Powell Street
Brooksville, KY 41004

Garrison Branch

Highway 10
Garrison, KY 41141

Maysville Branch

1201 Ushwy 68
Maysville, KY 41056

Mount Olivet Branch

300 South Main St
Mount Olivet, KY 41064

Tollesboro Branch

State Highway 10
Tollesboro, KY 41189

Citizens Deposit Bank & Trust

Second & Main Street
Vanceburg, KY 41179

Aa Branch

Aa Hwy & Shelton Drive
Vanceburg, KY 41179

Aberdeen Branch

130 Stivers Rd
Aberdeen, OH 45101

Ripley Branch

104 East Main Street
Ripley, OH 45167

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