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Routing Number: 091900193
WINONA, MN 55987-0000

Barre Branch

105 North Main Street
Barre, VT 5641

Bellows Falls Branch

41 Square
Bellows Falls, VT 5101

Putnam Square Branch

406 Main Street
Bennington, VT 5201

Bradford Branch

144 Main Street
Bradford, VT 5033

Brattleboro Branch

205 Main Street
Brattleboro, VT 5301

Bristol Branch

15 West Street
Bristol, VT 5443

Merchants Bank

164 College Street
Burlington, VT 5401

North Burlington Branch

1014 North Avenue
Burlington, VT 5408

Malletts Bay Branch

22 Bissette Drive
Colchester, VT 5446

Thetford Branch

332 Route 113
East Thetford, VT 5043

Enosburg Falls Branch

371 Main Street
Enosburg Falls, VT 5450

Essex Junction Branch

54 Pearl Street
Essex Junction, VT 5452

Fair Haven Branch

97 Main Street
Fair Haven, VT 5743

Hardwick Branch

84 Vermont Route 15-West
Hardwick, VT 5843

Hinesburg Branch

26 Ballard's Corner Road
Hinesburg, VT 5461

Jericho Branch

205 Vermont Route 15
Jericho, VT 5465

Johnson Branch

103 Lower Main Street
Johnson, VT 5656

Manchester Branch

4996 Main Street
Manchester Center, VT 5255

Catamount Branch

5 Bank Street
North Bennington, VT 5257

Northfield Branch

70 Depot Square
Northfield, VT 5663

Rutland-Green Mtn Plaza Br

286 Route 7, South
Rutland, VT 5701

Woodstock Avenue Branch

92 Woodstock Avenue
Rutland, VT 5701

St, Albans Branch

180 Swanton Road
Saint Albans, VT 5478

South Burlington Branch

275 Kennedy Drive
South Burlington, VT 5403

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