The First, N.a. locations

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Routing Number: 011201830

Bar Harbor Branch

102 Main Street
Bar Harbor, ME 4609

Blue Hill Branch

1 South Street
Blue Hill, ME 4614

Boothbay Harbor Branch

77 Oak Street
Boothbay Harbor, ME 4538

Calais Branch

153 North Street
Calais, ME 4619

Camden Branch

19 Elm Street
Camden, ME 4843

The First, N.A.

223 Main Street
Damariscotta, ME 4543

Eastport Branch

102 Washington Street
Eastport, ME 4631

Ellsworth Branch

235 High Street
Ellsworth, ME 4605

Northeast Harbor Branch

102b Main Street
Northeast Harbor, ME 4662

Rockland Branch

132 Park Street
Rockland, ME 4841

Rockport Branch

114 Commercial Street
Rockport, ME 4856

Southwest Harbor Branch

350 Main Street
Southwest Harbor, ME 4679

Waldoboro Branch

1471 Atlantic Highway
Waldoboro, ME 4572

Wiscasset Branch

39 Gardiner Road
Wiscasset, ME 4578

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