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Routing Number: 026013796
EL MONTE, CA 91731-0000

Adelanto Branch

10474 Rancho Road
Adelanto, CA 92301

Alhambra Branch

1211 E Valley Blvd.
Alhambra, CA 91801

Alhambra Main Branch

1881 W Main Street Ground Floor
Alhambra, CA 91801

Alhambra-Valley Branch

403 W Valley Blvd
Alhambra, CA 91803

99 Anaheim Branch

651 N. Euclid Street
Anaheim, CA 92801

Apple Valley Branch

16003 Quantico Road
Apple Valley, CA 92307

Arcadia- Baldwin Branch

901 South Baldwin Avenue
Arcadia, CA 91007

Arcadia Branch

200 East Duarte Rd
Arcadia, CA 91006

99 Arcadia Branch

1300 S. Golden West Avenue
Arcadia, CA 91007

Arcadia Branch

1130 S. Baldwin Avenue
Arcadia, CA 91007

99 Artesia Branch

17713 Pioneer Blvd
Artesia, CA 90701

Artesia Branch

17801 Pioneer Boulevard, Suites I & J
Artesia, CA 90701

Barstow Branch

945 East Armory Road
Barstow, CA 92311

Beverly Hills Branch

450 North Roxbury Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Carson St Branch

510 West Carson Street
Carson, CA 90745

Cerritos Branch

11812 East South Street
Cerritos, CA 90703

99 Chino Hills Branch

2959 Chino Ave.
Chino Hills, CA 91709

Industry-Azusa Branch

1680 S. Azusa Avenue
City Of Industry, CA 91748

Cupertino Branch

10945 Wolfe Road
Cupertino, CA 95014

Cupertino Branch

10001 North De Anza Blvd
Cupertino, CA 95014

Daly City Branch

192 Skyline Plaza
Daly City, CA 94015

Diamond Bar-Grand Branch

1132 South Diamond Bar Boulevard
Diamond Bar, CA 91765

Diamond Bar Branch

379 S Diamond Bar Blvd
Diamond Bar, CA 91765

El Monte Branch

9550 Flair Drive
El Monte, CA 91731

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