First National Bank & Trust locations

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Routing Number: 103101110
P.O. BOX 407
VINITA, OK 74301-0000

Nolana Branch

100 E. Nolana
Pharr, TX 78577

Port Isabel Branch

115 E Queen Isabella
Port Isabel, TX 78578

First National Bank, Rio Grande City

5332 E. Highway 83
Rio Grande City, TX 78582

San Antonio Commerce

1800 W Commerce
San Antonio, TX 78207

First National Bank, Hackberry

2119 South Hackberry Street
San Antonio, TX 78210

Ww White

1945 S Ww White Rd
San Antonio, TX 78222

First National Bank

6243 Ih-10 West
San Antonio, TX 78201

North San Antonio Branch

7925 N New Braunfels
San Antonio, TX 78209

Spring Lake Front

1525 Lake Front Circle
Spring, TX 77380

Sterling Ridge Houston Branch

10767 Kuykendahl Rd
The Woodlands, TX 77382

Weslaco International Branch

621 South International Drive
Weslaco, TX 78596

Border Branch

911 W Expressway 83
Weslaco, TX 78596

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