American Bank & Trust locations

American Bank & Trust Office and Branch locations Page 1


Routing Number: 103901569
TULSA, OK 74136-0000

Alpena Branch

100 Main Street
Alpena, SD 57312

De Smet Branch

212 Calumet Avenue, S.E.
De Smet, SD 57231

Huron Branch

1820 Dakota Avneue South
Huron, SD 57350

Huron Wal-Mart

Highway 37 South
Huron, SD 57350

Mellette Branch

4 Main Street
Mellette, SD 57461

Miller Branch

131 North Broadway
Miller, SD 57362

American Bank & Trust

120 East Main Street
Wessington Springs, SD 57382

Wolsey Branch

Main Street
Wolsey, SD 57384

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